TCSI Analytics

TCSI Analytics provides you with the ability to check and download data reported via TCSI and includes data migrated from HEIMS to TCSI.

The reports are in a similar format to the existing HEIMS Online reports with new functionality detailed in the user guide below.

TCSI Analytics user guide

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TCSI Analytics User Guide v0.2 PDF (1.85 MB) 1.85 MB
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Accessing TCSI Analytics

To access TCSI Analytics, please click on the TCSI Access button in the banner of this website.

Providers will need to make sure their staff and organisation are set up in PRODA to access this TCSI Service. This must include the "TCSI Analytics - Read" attribute for staff members requiring access to view reports. A step-by-step guide for setting up your access is available at the Access (PRODA) page.

Reports currently available in TCSI Analytics

This section lists the reports that are available in the first release of TCSI Analytics. This will be updated as additional reports are included on the site.

VET reports

  • TFN Verification Report


  • TFN Verification Report