Higher Education EFTSL Live Data Report

How to read this report

This report provides a summary and comparisons of Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (EFTSL).

The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
Campus Postcode Value reported on Postcode (E477) or Delivery location country code (E660) of Higher Education/VET Provider campus/delivery location for each unit of study.
Citizen Resident Value reported on Citizen/resident indicator (E358) for each unit of study.
Course of Study Type Value reported on Course of study type code (E310) for each unit of study. E310 = 41, 42 (cross-institutional) are included.
Discipline Code Value reported on Discipline code (E464) for each unit of study. First 2 digits of E464 + 0000
Maximum Student Contribution Indicator Value reported on Maximum student contribution indicator (E392) for each unit of study. Note: Prior to 2013, the Pre-2010 subcategory refers to all loading for 2009. From 2013, Pre-2010 refers to only nursing and teaching loading for all years prior to 2010.
Mode of Attendance Value reported on Mode of attendance code (E329) for each unit of study.
Student Status Value reported on Student status code (E490) for each unit of study.


  1. Units of study undertaken on a cross-institutional basis are included in the EFTSL Summary Report 
  2. Units of study which have been remitted under special circumstances or units of study which have been invalidated are also included 
  3. Deleted records are excluded from these reports 
  4. Non higher degree by research students (E310 not equal to 02, 03) who have withdrawn from their course on, or before, the census date (E489), are excluded from these reports
    • i.e. if E601 is null, or greater then E489, or E310 is 2 or 3, then IsWithdrawn = 0, otherwise IsWithdrawn = 1