For TCSI Data Entry users

Services Australia (SA) and the department are conducting TCSI Data Entry testing internally. 

Providers can test TCSI Data Entry by creating file templates for Higher Education and VET Student Loans data packets, and sending the templates to The TCSI Data Collections team can upload these templates on your behalf using a test account.

For providers who are conducting TCSI testing using an API method, please see our For API users page.

You can access these Higher Education and VET Student Loans templates using the following links:

A video tutorial to prepare TCSI Data Entry templates is available in our News Centre.

After you have submitted a TCSI Data entry template to the TCSI Data Collections team, we will provide you a response file with the status of the data you have submitted.
If your submitted data returned any errors, you can use the resolving real-time validations guide to help you correct these errors. 

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