Request a data extract

To support data matching at your organisation, the department provides data extracts where requested. This extract will show all the data that has been reported to the TCSI database, up to the day your extract is processed.

Our TCSI Data Extract Request form is available for you to select a range of data reported and migrated to TCSI.

You can choose a single file type for your extract:

  • CSV (comma separated values, delimited by "tabs")
  • JSON (JavaScript object notation)
  • XML (extensible markup language)

You will also need to provide the email address for the person requesting the data extract. The email must match to either an active HEIMS user, or a staff member that has sent a signed TCSI data extract form to The TCSI Data Extract request form is available in the table below.

The links in this table will download the attachment
Attachment Size
TCSI-Data-Extract-access-request.docx (58.39 KB) 58.39 KB
TCSI-Data-Extract-access-request.pdf (199.8 KB) 199.8 KB

The department will send an invitation link to the nominated email address and the staff member will need to either register an account or login if they are a previous user of this system. Step by step instructions on how to download your files are provided in the "FTP user guide for TCSI Data Extracts". You can follow up with if you haven’t received a link within 2 working days.

Attachment Size
FTP user guide for TCSI Data Extracts PDF 322 KB
FTP user guide for TCSI Data Extracts DOCX 325 KB