TCSI - Testing for providers

This page is written for education providers who have engaged a third-party Student Management Software (SMS) developer to build functionality to report to TCSI via APIs.

It outlines the types of testing you have told us about help increase your level of confidence in the solution, as well as how TCSI can support you with this. It also explains the types of testing being conducted as part of the TCSI project to help create a solution that is secure, reliable and meets the needs of both government and education providers.

For providers who are conducting TCSI testing using TCSI Data Entry file upload via the department, please see our For TCSI Data Entry users page.

What are some reasons you might be interested in testing directly with TCSI?

Through our engagement with you, we understand that you would like to directly test with TCSI for the following reasons:

  • Confirming and familiarising yourself with new reporting functionality: To confirm your SMS' reporting functionality and trial new processes, changes to data elements, validation rules etc. 
  • Required for software implementation: Some providers may need to perform additional customisation, configuration or integration on top of a vendor’s product. If you anticipate that this may impact your SMS’ interaction with TCSI, the best approach is to co-ordinate and arrange direct test access for your provider organisation through your vendor.

Setting up for API testing