Higher Education OS-HELP Details Live Data Report

How to read this report

 This report provides a summary of OS-HELP student loans for a selected year, based on the following set of criteria:

Layout of the report

The report may not default to the latest Reporting year. Buttons on the top left of the page enable users to select reports between the 2005-2009, 2010-2013 or 2014 onwards reporting years.

The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
Reporting Year Based on the reported E527: HELP debt incurral date value.
Number of Loans A count of number of loans within each loan type.
Number of Students A count of distinct Student Master CHESSN’s (E488: Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN)) within each loan type. The data takes into account the coding of students to two or more categories within the report. As a consequence, totals may be less than the sum of all categories.
E528 - OS-HELP Payment Amount Sum of the reported E528: OS-HELP payment amount values within each loan type.
E529 - OS-HELP Loan Fee Sum of the reported E529: Loan fee values within each loan type.