About TCSI


For education providers it will:

  • reduce duplication
  • be simpler and more intuitive to use
  • resolve system deficiencies
  • improve data availability

For students it will:

  • make student claims simpler
  • improve payment accuracy
  • help maintain their student payment to complete their studies

TCSI (pronounced 'taxi') is a joint project between the Department of Education (the department) and Services Australia which collects information about students that study with approved Australian education providers and data regarding staff at those providers.

TCSI replaces the department’s Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS) and HEPCAT reporting tools and aims to simplify reporting and reduce duplication of effort by providers across the department and Services Australia.

The system also supports improved student payment accuracy and makes student claims simpler.

There are two mechanisms for submitting data to TCSI:

  • The preferred submission method is via automated processes known as business to government (B2G) application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs send data from a provider's student management system to the government with a minimum of manual processing.
  • Providers who are not yet ready to adopt the B2G solution can submit data files and web forms via an internet browser-based portal called TCSI Data Entry.

TCSI Project Video

Services Australia and the Service Hub have put together a video that gives a high level overview of what TCSI is about.