VET Student Loans file templates


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1.1 VET Courses v1.1 XLSX (11.56 KB) 11.56 KB
1.2 VET Delivery Locations v1.1 XLSX (11.58 KB) 11.58 KB


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2.1 VET Student v1.1 XLSX (14.4 KB) 14.4 KB
2.2 VET Revise first reported addresses v1.1 XLSX (11.57 KB) 11.57 KB

Course admission

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3.1 VET Course admissions v1.1 XLSX (13.19 KB) 13.19 KB

Unit enrolment and loans

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4.1 VET Unit Enrolments v2.1 XLSX (12.68 KB) 12.68 KB

*Note (17/12/2020): A missing element has been resolved in the latest version of file "4.1 VET Unit Enrolments". The element "E577 - Recognition of prior learning code" has been added. 


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5.1 VET Deletions v1.2 XLSX (12.93 KB) 12.93 KB