Data Verification

Verification is a declaration that the student and staff data reported by providers to the department is complete, accurate and finalised. 

To access relevant data verification information and instructions, providers need to first determine their provider type. Providers who have been approved under the Higher Education Support Act 2023(HESA) can offer HELP loans. Non-HESA-approved providers cannot offer HELP loans and are considered to be TEQSA Provider Information Request (PIR) providers. 

Please check the table below and click on the provider type that matches your organisation:

  Approved to offer HELP loans
under HESA in the reporting year
Listed as a Table A or Table B
university in HESA in the reporting year
Provider Information Request (PIR) No  No
HESA-approved non-university providers (NUHEP) Yes No
University Higher Education provider (HEP) Yes Yes

If you aren't sure or transitioned between providers types in the reporting year, please contact TCSI Support Team.