Developing TCSI compatible software

TCSI Solution Overview

The Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI) solution provides a simple and easy way for HELP providers, higher education providers, and VET Student Loans providers to report information to government.

The solution offers two channels:

  • A Business to Government (B2G) interface which enables automated reporting through the utilisation of student management software (SMS); and
  • An online secure portal developed by government where providers will be able to upload files, and create and amend records.

Becoming a TCSI Developer

SMS vendors and in-house developers looking to design and build a software solution using the TCSI Application Programming Interface (API) will need to test and register their product with government before they will be able to connect. It is encouraged for SMS vendors to work with their clients to ensure the solution meets their needs.

To help SMS vendors identify which education providers will report their information through TCSI, go to Appendices, codes and tables.

On-boarding as a TCSI Developer

The process for on-boarding to TCSI as a developer consists of four sequential steps:

  1. Indicate Interest, Register for GovTEAMS and Read TCSI Documentation
  2. Set-Up to Develop and Test
  3. Commence Development and Testing
  4. On-Board to Production

These steps and associated tasks are outlined below.

Please note: If you are only building a solution to export files for TCSI data entry and are not consuming TCSI APIs, you do not have to complete this process. Please go to the Higher Education Reporting Requirements or VET Student Loans Requirements for the file upload templates and user guides to help with your development.

Step 1: Indicate Interest, Register for GovTEAMS and Read TCSI Documentation

Expressing your intent to develop and test is the first step of the on-boarding process. It is also recommended that you obtain an understanding of the TCSI solution before proceeding with indicating interest.

Step 2: Set-Up to Develop and Test

Once you have indicated interest, registered for GovTEAMS and have an understanding of the TCSI solution, there are a few things you need to do before you are fully set-up to test. The steps below will help you through this process.

Step 3: Commence Development and Testing

You are now able to commence your development and testing with TCSI APIs.

Step 4: On-Board to Production

Once you have finished developing and have finalised testing against TCSI APIs, you can commence the production on-boarding process.