VET Student Enrolment Records


The VET Student Enrolment Records Report displays all enrolment records by selected reporting year.

Layout of the report

The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
Reporting Year Based on the reported E489: Unit of Study Census date value.
E780 - Provider Name Based on the reported E306: Provider Code value.
E306 - Provider Code Uses the reported E306: Provider Code value.
E488 - CHESSN Uses the reported E488: Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN) value.
E313 - Student Identification Code Uses the reported E313: Student identification code value.
E307 - Course Code Uses the reported E307: Course code value.
E314 - Date of Birth Uses the reported E314: Date of Birth value.
E315 - Gender Gender is determined on the basis of the first value reported on E315: Gender Code. For example, if a student is first reported as Male and then in a subsequent submission is reported as Female, the original classification of Male is maintained. If the original value has been revised, the revised value is used.
E316 - Indigenous Status Uses the reported E316: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Code value.
E319 - Location of Term Residence Uses the reported E319: Term Address Postcode value.
E320 - Location of Permanent Home Residence Uses the reported E320: Residential Address Postcode value.
E327 - New Basis for Admission Uses the reported E327: Basis for Admission Code value.
E330 - Type of Attendance Uses the reported E330: Type of Attendance Code value.
E346 - Country of Birth Uses the reported E346: Country of Birth Code value.
E347 - Year of Arrival in Australia Uses the reported E347: Year of Arrival in Australia value.
E348 - Language Spoken at Home Uses the reported E348: Language Spoken at Home Code value.
E615 - Disability Uses the reported E615: Disability Code value.
E560 - Credit Used Value Uses the reported E560: Credit Used Value
E561 - Credit Basis Uses the reported E561: Credit Basis Code value.
E572 - Year Left School Uses the reported E572: Year Left School value.
E575 - Study Reason Uses the reported E575: Study Reason Code value.
E576 - Labour Force Status Uses the reported E576: Labour Force Status Code value.
E584 - USI Uses the reported E584: Unique Student Identifier value.
E620 - Highest Education Participation Uses the reported E620: Highest Attainment Code value.

How to read this report

The report may not default to the latest Reporting year. The year can be changed by selecting a different year from the drop down to the left. Multiple years can be selected by holding down the CTRL key while selecting different years from the drop down.

Slicers on the left side of the report enable users to select enrolments by:

  • E488 - CHESSN
  • E313 - Student ID
  • E584 - USI
  • E307 - Course Code
  • Reporting Year