Element E348 - Language spoken at home code


A code indicating use of a language other than English at the person's residence

Input Packets

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Code category Element (E)
Element # 348
Element Type: String
Width: 4
Version Revision Date:
Version: 7.00
Years version active: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Allowable Values

0001Person speaks only English at permanent home residence
9999No information on whether or not a non‑English language is spoken at permanent home residence

Main language other than English spoken at permanent home residence:

1000 to 1199Non‑English language code from languages classification
1300 to 9799Non‑English language code from languages classification
8000An Indigenous Australian language where the individual language is not known or identified
9998Non‑English language spoken but no information on the language