Unit of study outcome date


The expected or actual date of the outcome for a student’s unit of study.


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For students who have not withdrawn from the unit of study, the Unit of study outcome date is the date the Provider expects students to finish engaging in learning and assessment activities. In this instance, it is last day of the academic term or semester in which the unit of study is delivered including any relevant exam periods. For units of study that involve placements or practicums that conclude after the last day of the academic term or semester, then the Unit of study outcome date is the day the student is expected to complete the placement or practicum.

For students who withdraw from the unit, the Unit of study outcome date is to be updated to indicate the date that the student formally withdrew from the Unit of Study.

Providers are only required to report information that is known (i.e. where the student formally withdraws from a unit of study, as opposed to disengaging without notice).

VET providers may report the ‘Activity end date’, as specified in the AVETMISS data element definitions with the format of YYYY-MM-DD.