Validation error 10923

Student (E584_USI) has 2 or less available SLE entitlement remaining 


Reported or amended Unit Enrolment (UID16) or AOU (UID19) has left the student (USI) with 2 or less available SLE 

Error Logic

For a Unit Enrolment (UID16) or AOU (UID19) record being created or updated for a student with a Unique Student Identifier (E584) studying a CSP unit that consumes SLE where after the change or reporting the following is applicable:

- The Student Status Code E490 is ('201', '202', '203', '204' or '260'); and

- The Unit of Study Census date E489 is on or after '2022-01-01'; and

- The unit is not withdrawn (Unit of Study Census date (E489) < Unit of Study Outcome date (E601)); and - The unit's Remission Reason Code (E446) is not '01', '06', '12', '17' nor '18'

WHERE the student has more than 2.0 available SLE, IF as a result of the change the student's available SLE becomes 2.0 or less available SLE, THEN trigger the RTV.

Error Resolution

Please check the Unit Enrolment (UID16)/ AOU (UID19) that has been reported or amended for the student. Student has 2 or less available SLE


ITSP Error Code: 10923
HEP: Yes
Rule type: Warning 
Related elements:
Element Name: Equivalent Full–time student load
Packet: Unit enrolment packet 2024
AOU packet 2024