VET Unit of Study Unit Records


[UPDATED 03/08/2023]

The VET Unit of Study Unit Records Report displays all units of study by selected reporting year.

Layout of the report

The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
E489- Reporting Year Based on the reported E489: Unit of Study Census date value.
E488 - CHESSN Uses the reported E488: Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN) value.
E313 - Student Identification Code Uses the reported E313: Student identification code value.
E584 - USI Uses the reported E584: Unique Student Identifier value.
E307 - Course Code Uses the reported E307: Course code value.
E534 - Course of Study Commencement Date Uses the reported E534: Course of Study Commencement Date value.
E339 - EFTSL Uses the reported E339: Equivalent Full–time student load value.
E354 - Unit of Study Code Uses the reported E354: Unit of study code value.
E489 - Unit of Study Census Date Uses the reported E489: Unit of Study Census Date value.
E329 - Mode of Attendance Code Uses the reported E329: Mode of Attendance Code value.
E477 - Delivery Location Postcode Uses the reported E477: Delivery location postcode value.
E358 - Citizen Resident Code Uses the reported E358: Citizen resident code value.
E490 - Student Status Code Uses the reported E490: Student Status code value.
E384 - Amount Charged Uses the reported E384: Amount charged value.
E381 - Amount Paid Up-Front Uses the reported E381: Amount paid up front value.
E529 - Loan Fee Uses the reported E529: Loan fee value.
E558 - HELP Loan Amount Uses the reported E558: HELP loan amount value.

How to read this report

The report may not default to the latest Reporting year. The year can be changed by selecting a different year from the drop down to the left. Multiple years can be selected by holding CTRL and clicking the desired years from the drop down.

Slicers on the left side of the report enable users to select enrolments by:

  • E488 - CHESSN
  • E313 - Student ID
  • E584 - USI
  • E354 - Unit of Study Code
  • Reporting Year
  • Loan Status
  • Deleted Records


  1. Units of study undertaken on a cross-institutional basis are included in the Unit of Study Unit Records Report.
  2. Units of study which have been remitted under special circumstances or units of study which have been invalidated are also included.
  3. Only current census dates are included as part of the report, future census dates are not included, i.e. E601 is NULL or greater than E489.
  4. VET students who have withdrawn from their unit on, or before, the census date (E601 is less than or equal to E489) are excluded from the report. [UPDATED 03/08/2023]