Higher Education Student Enrolment Live Data Report

How to read this report

This report provides the summary and comparisons for student enrolments for both commencing and all students.

It includes unique count of students enrolled in a Major course at a higher education provider for the reporting year.

If a student is enrolled in more than one course at the higher education provider for a year, the major course is the one which the student has the greatest E339: Equivalent Full–time student load in that year. Where two or more courses incur equal student load, the major course is the first course, as sorted by all course records by the E307: Course code in ascending order.

This report excludes students enrolled in in cross institutional studies:

Layout of the report

Slicer on the left side of the report enable users to select students by:

  • Reporting Year
  • Data Field

The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
A course of special Interest The value reported on E312: Special course type code.
Broad Field of education code

First two digits of E461: Field of education code and first two digits of E462: Field of education supplementary code (if applicable)

The data allows for the coding of combined courses to two fields of education, and as a result summing the data across all Broad Field of Education may return a total that is higher than the total number of students.

Where students have both a primary and secondary Field of Education (FOE):


The value reported in E358: Citizen resident code.

If multiple values exist, the one with the most recent census date is used.

Disability The value reported on E615: Disability code.
Gender The value reported on E315: Gender code.
Indigenous Status The value reported for E316: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander code value.
Level of Course The value reported for E310: Course of study type code.
Mode of Attendance E329: Mode of Attendance Code value is derived at the course level based on the individual values reported for each E354: Unit of study code. If there is only one E329: Mode of Attendance Code for a student over the period the reported value is used, otherwise the value is set to "multi modal".