Higher Education HELP Debts by Citizenships Live Data Report

How to read this report

The HELP Debts by Citizenships Live Data Report displays details of HELP loans reported for students.

These explanatory notes describe the elements and values used in the calculation of each of the loan types displayed in the report.

The following student loan types are included in this report:


HECS-HELP - deferred

Paid full student contribution

HECS-HELP – paid/discount

Paid full student contribution/No discount



  • Unit of study records for students who have accessed VET FEE HELP:



Layout of the report

The report may not default to the latest Reporting year. The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

    Field Coding notes
    Reporting Year Based on the reported E489: Unit of Study Census date value.
    Number of Students A count of distinct Student Master CHESSNs (E488: Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN).
    EFTSL Uses the reported E339: Equivalent Full–time student load value.
    HELP Loan Amount HECS HELP, FEE HELP and VET FEE HELP - Uses the reported E558: HELP loan amount value.
    Payment Amount OS HELP – Uses the reported E528: OS-HELP payment amount value.
    Loan Fee Uses the reported E529: Loan fee value.


    • Only 'active' records are included in the HELP Debts by Citizenships Live Data Report i.e. records that have not been invalidated, remitted or deleted.
    • The total student count is the count of unique student CHESSNs.
    • Students who appear in more than one category are only counted once in the total display.
    • Unit Enrolments with a census date (E489) in the future are excluded from the report.
    • Non higher degree by research students (E310 not equal to 02, 03) who have withdrawn from their unit on, or before, the census date (E601 is less than or equal to E489) are excluded from the report.
    • Students who have successfully completed their unit on, or before, the census date (E355=3 and E601 is less than or equal to E489) are included in the report.