Higher Education FEE-HELP Live Data Report

How to read this report

This report provides a distribution of FEE‑HELP student loans for a selected year based on the following predefined set of criteria:

Includes only:

  • Citizen/resident indicator (E358) is:
    • 1 Australian citizen,
    • 2 New Zealand citizen,
    • 3 Permanent visa other than Permanent humanitarian visa, or
    • 8 Permanent humanitarian visa

Includes only FEE‑HELP eligible students:

  • Student Status code (E490) is:
    • 220 Pre-2005 PELS students who deferred all or part of the tuition fee through FEE‑HELP
    • 230 Deferred all or part of Award or Enabling course tuition fee through FEE‑HELP
    • 231 Deferred all or part of tuition fee through FEE‑HELP – Employer reserved place
    • 232 Deferred all or part of Open Universities Australia (OUA) tuition fee through FEE‑HELP, or
    • 233 Deferred all or part of BOTP tuition fee through FEE‑HELP.

The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
Number of Students A count of distinct UID8 – StudentResKey.
The data takes into account the coding of students to two or more categories within the report. As a consequence, totals may be less than the sum of all categories.
Total EFTSL Uses the reported E339 (EFTSL) value.
Total Amount Charged Uses the reported E384 (Total amount charged) value.
Amount Paid Upfront Uses the reported E381 (Amount paid upfront) value.
HELP Debt Amount Uses the reported E558 (HELP Debt Amount) value.
Loan Fee Amount Uses the reported E529 (Loan fee) value.


  • Students are only counted more than once if they appear in more than one category in this report. So the total student count for each aggregated category may be less than the number of student loans that contribute to that total count.
  • Unit Enrolments with a census date (E489) in the future are excluded from the report.
  • Non higher degree by research students (E310 not equal to 02, 03) who have withdrawn from their unit on, or before, the census date (E601 is less than or equal to E489) are excluded from the report.
  • Students who have successfully completed their unit on, or before, the census date (E355=3 and E601 is less than or equal to E489) are included in the report.
  • Deleted unit enrolments will not be included in the report. Loan amounts rejected, invalidated and adjusted by the Student Entitlement Management Engine will be included in the report with the HELP Loan Amount (E558) and Loan Fee (E529) as reported by the education provider. The Loan Status (A130) only indicates the state of the loan at the time TCSI Analytics reports are refreshed. [UPDATED 16/08/2022]