TCSI Validations

The TCSI validations are subject to change until testing is complete on the TCSI solution. Any changes will not be tracked between versions.

Validations download

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TCSI Data Validations V0.31 (20 February 2024).xlsx (231.12 KB) 231.12 KB

A table of validations returning unique identifiers (UIDs) is available at validations returning a UID.

The web version of the validations have been taken down while they are being updated. The download gives the most up-to-date source of TCSI validations.

Resolving real-time validation errors

To find out about Real-Time Validation (RTV) errors and how to resolve them, please see Resolving real-time validation errors.  

ITSP Error Code Title Error Message HEP VET
10923 Validation error 10923 Student (E584_USI) has 2 or less available SLE entitlement remaining  Yes No
10654 Validation error 10654 Reporting or amending a Unit (UID16) or AOU (UID19) for a student that would exceed SLE consumption more than SLE entitlement is not permitted Yes No
10657 Validation error 10657 Reporting or amending a Unit (UID16) or AOU (UID19) for a student resulting in less than 1 EFTSL left to exhaust SLE entitlement. Yes No
11047 Validation error 11047 Maximum unit enrolments (UID16) linked to the STARTUP-HELP Course Admission already reported Yes No
11048 Validation error 11048 Study load for a unit of study related to the STARTUP-HELP Program cannot be more than 1.0 EFTSL (E339) Yes No
11049 Validation error 11049 The HELP Loan Amount (E558) for a STARTUP-HELP unit of study that should be associated with a loan not reported Yes No