TCSI Validations

The TCSI validations are subject to change until testing is complete on the TCSI solution. Any changes will not be tracked between versions.

Validations download

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TCSI Data Validations V0.37 (19 July 2024).xlsx (199.68 KB) 199.68 KB

A table of validations returning unique identifiers (UIDs) is available at validations returning a UID.

The web version of the validations have been taken down while they are being updated. The download gives the most up-to-date source of TCSI validations.

Resolving real-time validation errors

To find out about Real-Time Validation (RTV) errors and how to resolve them, please see Resolving real-time validation errors.  

ITSP Error Code Title Error Message HEP VET
10001 Validation error 10001 Deletion of Course of Study Resource Key (UID3) not permitted Yes No
10002 Validation error 10002 Course of Study Code (E533) already reported Yes No
10003 Validation error 10003 Invalid code value in Course of Study Type (E310) Yes No
10004 Validation error 10004 Invalid code value in Course of Study Type (E310) Yes No
10005 Validation error 10005 Student Resource Key (UID8) required Yes Yes
10006 Validation error 10006 Invalid code value in Course of Study Load (E350) Yes No
10007 Validation error 10007 Course of Study Load (E350) required Yes No
10008 Validation error 10008 Student Identification Code (E313) required Yes Yes
10009 Validation error 10009 Inconsistent Combined Course of Study Indicator (E455)/Course of Study Type (E310) combination Yes No
10010 Validation error 10010 Invalid code value in Course of Study Type (E310) Yes No