How to report as a higher education provider (HESA approved)

The Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI) New Starter toolkit is for higher education providers to quickly access the information they need to commence the process of reporting data.

This page provides an introduction to TCSI, an overview of reporting requirements, and is tailored for senior delegates of providers and people who are new to reporting.

The following diagram outlines the key steps you need to follow to meet the TCSI reporting requirements. More detailed information for these steps can be found in the related links.


The diagram outlines the following steps that are important for a new starter or a new provider in TCSI.


1. Understand reporting requirements

2. Determine your reporting system

3. Register for PRODA

4. Connect to TCSI service in PRODA

5. Conduct tests reporting data

6. Submit data to TCSI

7. Fix TCSI real-time validation errors

8. Check your data in TCSI

9. Check your notifications and fix data

10. Continue near real-time reporting in TCSI

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Key steps and related links