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Scheduled Validations
Schedule Validations

New scheduled validations have been incrementally released throughout February. We anticipate the remaining scheduled validations to be released in mid-March.

As advised in the TCSI website alert sent on Friday 25 February 2022, a number of enhancements are planned for Scheduled Validations processing. Please ensure you are signed up to receive newsletters to ensure you receive these TCSI website alerts. Providers can also access the latest updates via the TCSI releases and upcoming development.

Scheduled validations appear on your notifications table and will remain on your table until the relevant validation has been resolved. Scheduled Validation notification messages are refreshed nightly. These validations can be accessed via APIs or through TCSI Analytics on your Provider Notifications Report.

These validations are designed to ensure records are complete and correct. We understand that resolving these scheduled validation errors will take time. Providers can access the updated fact sheet on the Notifications page under the scheduled validations heading. For further guidance, providers are encouraged to attend our regular drop-in sessions and webinars.

To support provider and vendor testing, scheduled validations triggers will now be executed at 1am and 1pm in Staging environment every day.

Higher Education Only