CHESSN management in TCSI

Updates to the baseline data requirements have occurred, these changes will improve data matching processes to ensure that students are identified correctly, and their HELP entitlements are accurate. A CHESSN can only be allocated if the student has either a verified TFN or a verified USI. The CHESSN will remain unallocated until the TFN and/or USI is provided and at least one is verified.

These changes will assist with instances where this is not sufficient information to allocate a CHESSN, for example, where there are already two or more students in the CHESSN database with the same full name and date of birth and another student with the same name and date of birth is being created.

CHESSN allocation process

When a provider has reported identity data for a student, a process will be triggered to automatically find or allocate a CHESSN for the student. Once a CHESSN is found, it will be directly populated into the student record (UID8) within TCSI and a message will be placed on the provider's notification table.

The data to trigger the automated CHESSN look-up process is:

Updates that trigger CHESSN look-up

The CHESSN look-up process will be re-executed each time a provider reports or amends:

  • identity data for a student
  • the TFN for a student for a student
  • the USI for a student, or
  • a loan record or Commonwealth scholarship record.

Where the re-trigger of the look-up process determines that the existing CHESSN on the student record is incorrect, it will be updated with the correct CHESSN and the provider will receive a message on its notifications table.

[UPDATED 16 February 2024]