TCSI Analytics update - 14 November 2022

The TCSI Analytics team has been working hard to deliver new reports and enhanced functionality to our users. Keep reading to find out more.

Tax File Number (TFN) notifications

The ‘TFN Verification Error’ section of the ‘Provider Notifications’ report has been enhanced to display if the student has any active loans stored in TCSI. If the student with a TFN verification error has an active loan, the ‘Has loan’ column will have a ‘1’ for the row, otherwise the report will have a ‘0’ for students without any active loans at your organisation. Active loans are loans that will require a verified TFN and can change including those:

  • stored at the Australian Taxation Office (COMMITTED, ADJCOMMITTED)
  • that will need to be reversed or remitted (REVERSREC, REMITREC, REVERSETRANS, REMITTRANS, INVALIDTRANS).

Students may still require a verified TFN even if they don’t have an active loan at the time the report was updated overnight. The improved provider notifications report replaces the duplicated functionality of the standalone TFN verification report. For more information on loans see the Loan processing for HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and VSL loans guide on TCSI Support. For more information on TFN verification, see the TFN Verification guide for providers and TFN mismatches guide for students.

Scheduled validations for dual providers

The ‘Scheduled Validation Error’ section of the ‘Provider Notifications’ report now indicates whether the notification was triggered by a higher education or VET record in TCSI. This will help dual providers to quickly identify the appropriate owner of the scheduled validation message.

Higher education staff live data

Live data reports are due to be released next week for full-time and casual staff data. Providers will then be able to review their live data and correct errors in TCSI Data Entry or via B2G APIs ahead of verification. The following three live staff reports will be released tomorrow 15 November 2022:

Staff verification reports will be available soon and will trigger the verification period for 2022 full-time staff, 2021 casual staff actuals and the 2022 casual staff estimate. The verification tool in TCSI Analytics will function in the same way as 2021 student data verification that providers completed earlier this year.

Verified 2021 higher education student data

The 2021 higher education student data collection was finalised for all HESA approved providers on 26 October 2022. TCSI Analytics now shows 2021 verified data reports under the ‘Verified Report’ type and replaces the ‘Verifying Report’ type which was active during the verification period.

There may be some minor variations between 2021 verified enrolment and course completion report numbers, and numbers published in departmental 2021 student outputs, due to some report rule changes and bug fixes implemented in TCSI analytics reports during the verification process. These variations may exist if you completed the verification process prior to the date the change was implemented.

The changes that were applied, and the dates the changes were implemented are as follows:

  • Student enrolments - Change in definition for the calculation of Element 331 – Major course code. This change was implemented on 14 September 2022. A change to this calculation was made to cater for students who undertake the same course on more than one occasion. Rather than identifying course in TCSI using Element 307 – course code, the calculation was changed to use UID15. Numbers may increase or decrease as a result of this change.
  • Past course completions - A fix was implemented to fix a bug in the way course completions were counted in the TCSI analytics reports. This change was implemented on 23 September 2022. Initially TCSI reports were incorrectly counting unique student completions (E313 - Student ID) rather than unique student / course completions (Element 313 – Student ID concatenated with Element 307 – course code). This change may increase the number of course completions. 
  • Student disabilities - A fix was implemented to fix a bug where not all student disabilities were showing in the Student Enrolment report. The fix implemented on 5/09/2022. This change may increase the number of student disabilities.

In all cases above, the unit record data underpinning the reports did not change, just the way it was being presented in the report.

The coding notes associated with the TCSI reports reflect the above-mentioned changes.

More information

For more information on TCSI Analytics, including a user guide, check out the TCSI Analytics page on the TCSI Support website.