VET Course Unit Records


The Course Unit Records Report displays all course details by selected reporting year.

Layout of the report

The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
Reporting Year Based on the reported E489: Unit of Study Census date value.
E313 - Student Identification Code Uses the reported E313: Student identification code value.
E307 - Course Code Uses the reported E307: Course code value.
E308 - Course Name Uses the reported E308: Course name value.
E310 - Course of Study Type Uses the reported E310: Course of study type code value.
E461 - Field of Education Code Uses the reported E461: Field of education code value.
E596 - Standard Course Duration Uses the reported E596: Standard course duration value.

How to read this report

The report defaults to multiple year selection including the latest year. Slicers on the left side of the report enable users to select course by:

  • E489 – Reporting Year
  • E307 – Course Code