Standard course duration


The standard duration of the course of study for a full-time student, in years and fractions of academic years


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The length of the course (in years) based on the standard delivery structure for the course of study, coded as whole numbers and/or fractions of academic years.

For example, a standard course duration of 2 ½ years is to be coded as "2.5". A course with a standard course duration of 3 years is coded as "3".

The Standard course duration is the normal duration of the course for a full-time student. Under traditional delivery arrangements, a general bachelor degree of 3 years full time would be coded as "3" in the Standard course duration and "3" for Course of study load (E350).

For institutions that offer fast track study as the standard delivery, the standard course duration reflects the standard time for a full-time student to complete the course. For example, some Providers deliver general bachelor degrees of 3 EFTSL through a standard fast-track delivery so that full-time students normally complete the course in 2 years. In this case, the Course of study load (E350) would be "3" but the Standard course duration would be "2".

The Standard course duration must not be greater than the Course of study load, once converted to full-time years. For example, if the Course of study load is 3 EFTSL, then the Standard course duration cannot be greater than "3".

The Standard course duration is to reflect the standard or normal course delivery. It is not affected by situations where individual students:

  • Voluntarily study at less than a standard full-time load.
  • Voluntarily fast-track their study by undertaking more than the standard full-time load for a year.
  • Voluntarily or accidently take more than the standard load.
  • Fail units of study that need to be retaken or substituted.

Report '0' for non-award, cross Provider program, unit of study undertaken through Open Universities Australia, higher doctorate or course is only available on a part-time basis.