Higher Education HDR EFTSL Live Data Report

How to read this report

This report provides a summary of Equivalent full-time student load (E339: Equivalent full-time student load) reported in the Unit enrolments group for students enrolled in Higher Degree Research (HDR) courses (E310: Course of study type in 2, 3) for a selected year, based on the following set of criteria:

This report includes:

  • Cost Type
  • Citizenship Type
  • Student Status
  • Indigenous Status
  • Scholarship Type

Layout of the report

The report defaults to the latest year. Buttons on the top left of the page enable users to select reports between pre-2017, 2017-2020 or 2021 onwards reporting years.

Slicers on the left of the page enable users to select data by:

  • Reporting Year
  • Unit of Study Census Date
  • Student Status
  • Indigenous Status
  • Citizenship Type and
  • Cost Type

The following table identifies the component that is used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
Reporting Year Based on the reported E489: Unit of Study Census date value.
Student Status

Uses the reported Student Status code (E490: Student Status code) values to determine the following categories:

Citizenship Type

Uses the reported Citizen resident code (E358: Citizen resident code) value to determine the following categories:

Indigenous Status

Value reported for E316: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander code:

Cost Type

Uses the value reported in E461: Field of education code to determine the following categories:

  • High Cost
    • 010300–010303
    • 010500–010599
    • 10700–010799
    • 010900–010999
    • 019900–019999
    • 030101
    • 030300–030399
    • 030501
    • 030701
    • 030703
    • 030900–030999
    • 031100–031199
    • 031300
    • 031301
    • 031303
    • 031305
    • 031307
    • 031501
    • 031503
    • 031701
    • 039901
    • 039903
    • 050000–059999
    • 060100–060199
    • 060501
    • 060701
    • 061101
    • 069903
    • 090701
  • Low Cost
    • All other valid Field of education codes not listed above.
Scholarship Type

Uses the reported Scholarship type (E487: Scholarship type) value to determine the following categories:


  • Units of study which have been remitted are not included in this report.
  • Deleted records are excluded from the report.
  • The number of students is derived from the count of unique student IDs.
  • Students who appear in more than one category may be counted more than once.
  • Only current census dates are included as part of the report, future census dates are not included, i.e. E601 is NULL or greater than E489.
  • Higher degree by research students (E310: Course of study type equal to 02, 03) who have withdrawn from their course on, or before, the census date (E489: Unit of study census date), are included in these reports