Validation error 10862

Unusual combination - Student Status Code (E490)/ Citizen Resident Code (E358)


Unusual coding of Student Status Code (E490) and Citizen Resident Code (E358).

Error Logic

If Student Status Code (E490) is '112' or '203', then on the Unit of Study Census Date (E489), the Student (UID8) should not have a Citizen Resident Code (E358) of '1', ‘2’ or '8'.

Error Resolution

Please check the Citizen Resident Code (E358) and the Student Status Code (E490). Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens who meet the residency requirements for access to HECS-HELP, and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa (E358 is '1', ‘2’ or '8') will typically be eligible for a HECS-HELP discount when they pay their full student contribution upfront, unless they do not have available HELP balance. Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens, and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa who are eligible for a HECS-HELP loan and choose to pay their full student contributions upfront should have a Student Status Code (E490) of ‘202’.


ITSP Error Code: 10862
HEP: Yes
Rule type: Warning
Related elements:
Element Name: Student Status code
Packet: Unit enrolment packet 2022
Citizenship packet 2022