Casual staff actuals packet (PIR) 2023

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The casual staff actuals packet is used to report data on staffing resources engaged on a contract basis by a provider throughout the year. Data for casual staff actuals is collected at the organisational unit level.


Higher education providers are required to report a casual staff actuals packet for each organisational unit that engaged academic staff on a casual work contract basis at any point during the prior calendar year. Data is to be reported in relation to casual academic staff whose work duties related either solely to higher education, or to both higher education and vocational education and training, with the full-time equivalence expended in relation to work undertaken in both types of work sector being reported.

Data is not to be reported for staff:

  • who were members of staff appointed for a limited term with a full-time or fractional full-time work contract
  • whose duties relate solely to vocational education and training, or
  • in any independent operation which is not a controlled entity.

Reporting deadlines

The casual staff actuals for the whole of calendar year 2023 must be reported by 28 June 2024.

Initial reporting requirement

ElementReporting requirement
E415: Reporting yearAll in-scope organisational units
E514: Actual full-time equivalence prior yearAll in-scope organisational units
E315: Gender codeAll in-scope organisational units
E509: Current duties classification group codeAll in-scope organisational units
E510: Organisational unit codeAll in-scope organisational units
E511: Work sector codeAll in-scope organisational units
E412: Function codeAll in-scope organisational units


Each casual staff actuals packet must have a unique combination of the values for:

  • reporting year (E415)
  • work sector code (E511)
  • organisational unit code (E510)
  • function code (E412)
  • current duties classification group code (E509)
  • gender code (E315).

The structure of this packet requires the provider to aggregate the Actual Full-time Equivalence Prior Year (E514) for all casual staff that share the above six attributes. For example, three casual staff with the same gender code, performing the same function and duties, in the same organisational unit and work sector, must be combined into a single row for the 2023 reporting year. If each of the three staff contributed 0.5 of a full-time equivalence, the provider would report a single row with Actual Full-time Equivalence Prior Year (E514) equal to ‘1.5’ alongside the attributes shared by the three staff members.