Element E510 - Organisational unit code


A code which identifies the organisational unit in which the current duties of a member of staff are being performed

Scheduled Validations


Code category Element (E)
Element # 510
Element Type: String
Width: 4
Version Revision Date:
Version: 5.10
Years version active: 2024

Allowable Values

Academic Organisational Unit:

1XXX"XXX" is the code (up to 3 characters in length) for an academic organisational unit. These codes should be consistent with the codes used for academic organisational units reported in the Higher Education Student Collection.

Academic support services organisational units:

2200Computing centres
2300Educational research and development centres
2400External studies centres (excluding academic functions)
2500Audio-visual and media centres
2900Other academic support services

Student services organisational units:

3900Student services (incl. health services, counselling and accommodation services and student residences, employment services, student loans/scholarships/assistance services and other student services

Public services organisational unit:

4900Public services (incl. adult education, continuing education, public broadcasting services and other public services)

General higher education provider services organisational units:

5100Administration and overhead services
5200Buildings, plant and grounds
5300Cleaning services
5400Security and caretaker services
5900Other general Higher Education providers services
5910CRC (Cooperative Research Centres)

Independent operations which are controlled entities:

6100Computing services
6200Research, development, testing or consultancy services
6900Other independent operations which are controlled entities