Validation error 10845

Blocked CHESSN (E488)


Loans cannot be reported, deleted or amended for a student with this CHESSN (E488)

Error Logic

If the Student Status Code (E490) is '201', '220', '230', '231', '232', '233' or '401' to '410' and the linked CHESSN (E488) is on the 'lookup.blockedCHESSN' table, then Unit of Study Census Date (E489) must be after the QuarantineEndDate.

Error Resolution

Please contact the student to discuss other payment options. The student has no available HELP balance and is unable to access any loans or increase loan amounts for the reported Unit of Study Census Date (E489). Please contact TCSIsupport if loans need to be removed or adjusted downwards for this student.


ITSP Error Code: 10845
HEP: Yes
VET: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name: Student Status code
Packet: Unit enrolment packet 2022
Unit enrolment packet (VET) 2022