Validation error 10565

Inconsistent combination - Student Identification Code (E313)/Student Status Code (E490)/OS-HELP Study Period Commencement Date (E521)


Attempt to report an OS-HELP Loan record (UID21) for overseas study within the same six-month period as another OS-HELP loan record for overseas study.

Error Logic

If for a given Student Identification Code (E313), an OS-HELP loan packet (UID21) has been reported with Student Status Code (E490) of '240' or '241', then for the same Student Identification Code (E313), no other OS-HELP loan packet (UID21) can be reported with Student Status Code (E490) of '240' or '241' and an OS-HELP commencement date (E521) within the OS-HELP study period commencement date for the first record plus six months.

Error Resolution

Please check the Student Identification Code (E313), Student Status Code (E490) and the OS-HELP Study Period Commencement Date (E521). A student is not entitled to receive OS-HELP assistance for overseas study on more than one occasion during an overlapping six-month period.


ITSP Error Code: 10565
HEP: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name: OS–HELP study period commencement date
Packet: OS-HELP loan packet 2022