Validation error 10440

Inconsistent combination - Student Status Code (E490)/ Delivery Location Country Code (E660)/ EFTSL (E339)


More than half of the Course of Study Load (E350) has been undertaken overseas.

Error Logic

If Student Status Code (E490) is '201' to '204', '260' to '263' or '230' to '233' and Course of Study Commencement date (E534) is on or after 1 January 2012 and the Course of Study Type (E310) is not '01', '41', '42', '50', '60' or '61', then 50% of the Course of Study Load (E350) on the Course of Study (UID3) linked to the Course (UID5) linked to the Course Admission (UID15) linked to the Unit Enrolment (UID16) must not be less than the (sum of the EFTSL (E339) of each Unit Enrolment (UID16) linked to the Course Admission (UID15) where the a Unit of Study Status Code (E355) is '2' or '3' and where Delivery Location Country Code (E660) is not blank (null), '1101', '1102' or '1199' and Mode of Attendance Code (E329) is '1').

Error Resolution

Please check the Student Status Code (E490) and the sum of EFTSL (E339) with a Delivery Location Country Code (E660) overseas. A student cannot access Commonwealth support or a HELP loan for study undertaken primarily at an overseas campus, unless they commenced the course before 2012.


ITSP Error Code: 10440
HEP: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name: Course of study load
Packet: Unit enrolment packet 2022
Course admission packet 2022
Course of study packet 2022