Validation error 10428

Inconsistent combination - Student Status Code (E490)/ Scholarship Type (E487)


Student Status Code (E490) is inconsistent with the Scholarship Type (E487).

Error Logic

If the Scholarship Type (E487) is '08', '09', '10' or '11' for Scholarship record (UID35) linked to a Course Admission (UID15) record and if a Unit Enrolment record has been reported or amended for that Course Admission (UID15) where the Unit of Study Census Date (E489) is on or after the Scholarship Effective From Date (E609) and on or before the Scholarship Effective To Date (E610), then the linked Unit Enrolment (UID16) record must have a Student Status Code (E490) of '230', '270', '302', '310', or '331'.

Error Resolution

Please check the Student Status Code (E490), the Scholarship Type (E487) and the Scholarship Effective Dates (E609/E610). A student receiving RTP support (E487 is '08', '09', '10' or '11') for a Course Admission (UID15) must have a Student Status Code (E490) of '230', '270', '302', '310', or '331' for all unit enrolment records with a census date that falls within the duration of the RTP Scholarship.


ITSP Error Code: 10428
HEP: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name: Student Status code
Packet: Unit enrolment packet 2022
Scholarship packet 2022