Validation error 10018

Campus Suburb (E525)/Campus Postcode (E559) combination already reported


The Campus Suburb (E525)/Campus Postcode (E559) combination already exists for a campus at the Higher Education Provider.

Error Logic

If the Campus Country Code (E644) is '1101', then there must only be one active instance of a Campus Resource Key (UID2) with the same combination of Campus Suburb (E525)/Campus Postcode (E559)/Higher Education Provider (E306).

Error Resolution

Please check the Campus Suburb (E525) and the Campus Postcode (E559). There is already a record with this combination of E525 and E559. If there is more than one campus in a given suburb in Australia, please add text to the Campus Suburb (E525) to help uniquely identify each campus. e.g. Adelaide, City West and Adelaide, City East


ITSP Error Code: 10018
HEP: Yes
PIR: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name: Campus postcode
Packet: Campus packet 2022
Campus packet (PIR) 2021