Campus suburb


Name of suburb/town/region where the campus is located.


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Additional Information

This field must include the suburb or town name and should be meaningful in determining the location of the Campus. The country name may be reported for offshore campuses.

Providers must report a unique Element 525 Campus suburb.

Providers with more than one campus in a given suburb or town can add further information after the suburb or town name so the campus is uniquely identified. For example, two campuses in Queanbeyan could be reported “Queanbeyan riverside” and “Queanbeyan upper”.

Specific campus names which do not indicate campus location (e.g. St Francis of Assisi campus) should only be reported after the actual suburb or town name.

Campus location for Distance Education

Distance education courses are those courses offered via distance education, online learning or correspondence. These courses may require compulsory attendance at classes during certain blocks of time. In these cases, the country name may be reported for offshore campuses and distance education courses may be coded as “Online”.