PIR Staff Verification

The new interface for verifying PIR Staff data is now available in TCSI Analytics and providers are asked to sign of their staff data before 16 December 2022.

Verification is the final stage in meeting your staff reporting requirements for 2022 year. When you verify your organisation's data you are declaring that your staff data reported for 2022 year is complete, accurate and finalised.

Verification signoff is due by 16 December 2022 for the TEQSA PIR 2022 staff data collection. The same timeline and process applies to all Higher education providers, including universities, providers approved to offer FEE-HELP and private providers who report staff data as part of TEQSA PIR Collection.

TEQSA uses the verified data to publish information on your organisation.  It’s important to check your data carefully in each of the verification reports, changes to finalised publication data will not be possible after verification has concluded. It is, therefore, essential that sufficient time is given to verifying your data and if errors are identified please refer to the data packets for details on how to make corrections.

Verification is undertaken in TCSI Analytics, and this process will be unfamiliar for TEQSA approved PIR providers. To assist you with understanding this process, all PIR providers are encouraged to attend the TCSI PIR Staff Verification webinar on 5 December 2022 for a walk through of the verification interface and process. Providers can register to attend the webinar here.

In TCSI Analytics, providers can use the live reports to check their staff data before signing off as the verification reports share the same format and coding notes as the Staff Live Data Reports available to all Higher education providers in TCSI Analytics:

The Verification User Guide and coding notes for each of the reports are available on the TCSI Analytics page.

If you have any questions relating staff verification, please email us at TCSISupport@education.gov.au.