# Title

Student given name first

v7.00: The first given name of the student/applicant

Student given name - others

v7.00: The other given name or names of the student/applicant

Staff work level code

v5.00: A code which indicates the classification type and level in respect of the current duties of a member of staff at the reference date

Residential address street

v5.00: The street address of the student's residence

Function code

v5.00: The function being performed in the one work sector and one organisational unit by a member of staff in respect of their current duties

Reporting Year

v6.00: The reporting year to which the individual data record relates

Tax file number

v5.00: The tax file number for a student

Full-time equivalent annual salary current duties

v5.00: The salary level of a member of staff at the reference date, expressed in terms of the annual amount which would be paid to a person performing on a full-time basis the same type of duties as the

Remission reason code

v5.00: A code which identifies the reason for a remission

Combined course of study indicator

v5.00: An indicator of whether a course of study is a combined course of study