Unit of study year long indicator


An indicator of units of study that are full year units


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Unit of study is a full year unit of study


Unit of study is NOT a full year unit of study

Additional Information

A unit of study is a full year unit if the duration of the unit is a full academic year or longer (e.g. two semesters or three trimesters in length equalling a period of one academic year or more).

To be classified as a year long unit, the unit must be a single unit that has a single outcome upon completion at the end of the academic year (completed, failed, withdrawn). This can include units, which are completed across two academic years, for example, by starting the unit at the start of second semester and completing it at the end of the first semester in the following year. If the unit is repeated by the student, the student will be required to undertake the unit again in its entirety over a whole academic year (or more).

The following are not to be classified as year-long units of study:

  • Self-paced units of study where students can choose how long they take to complete. For example, online units of study that do not require the student to take a full academic year or more to complete.
  • Units of study that are not delivered over a full academic year. For example, two out of three trimesters, three out of four terms.
  • A cluster, stream or combination of related units of study, which are delivered over an academic year. For example, i.e. ‘part A’ & ‘part B’ units of study.
  • Units of study where the student can have more than one outcome. For example, if the student is required to repeat a part or portion of the full academic year, it would not be considered a full year unit.