Element E408 - Staff work level code


A code which indicates the classification type and level in respect of the current duties of a member of staff at the reference date

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Code category Element (E)
Element # 408
Element Type: String
Width: 3
Version Revision Date:
Version: 5.00
Years version active: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Allowable Values

Academic Classification level and increment:

001Vice Chancellor
005Deputy Vice-Chancellor
013Level E
014Level D
042Level C
066Level B
100Level A

Non-academic classification level:

200Non-academic staff outside award; generally junior, trainee or apprentice staff whose remuneration package is below level 1
220Non-academic staff outside award; generally senior executives whose remuneration package exceeds level 10

Higher Education Worker:

201Level 1
202Level 2
203Level 3
204Level 4
205Level 5
206Level 6
207Level 7
208Level 8
209Level 9
210Level 10