Full-time staff group

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Full-time staff packet

The full-time staff packet is used to report demographic characteristics and work classification data for each person who is a member of staff at a Table A provider, a Table B provider or Avondale College of Higher Education. Each full-time staff packet contains:

  • demographic data for the member of staff as at the last reference date
  • the primary work classification data for the member of staff on the first reference date for the year in which a full-time staff packet was reported for that person.

Work classifications packet

The work classifications packet is used to report data where a person has been a member of staff for more than one year. The work classification packet is also used to report second and further work classifications where a member of staff has more than one work classification on the reference date for a given year. A provider may create as many additional work classifications packets as necessary to cover all of the work classifications that may apply to the member of staff on the reference date.