TCSI Validations

The TCSI validations are subject to change until testing is complete on the TCSI solution. Any changes will not be tracked between versions.

Validations download

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TCSI Data Validations V0.24 (16 January 2023).xlsx (188.51 KB) 188.51 KB

A table of validations returning unique identifiers (UIDs) is available at validations returning a UID.

The web version of the validations have been taken down while they are being updated. The download gives the most up-to-date source of TCSI validations.

Resolving real-time validation errors

To find out about Real-Time Validation (RTV) errors and how to resolve them, please see Resolving real-time validation errors.  

ITSP Error Code Title Error Message HEP VET
10817 Validation error 10817 Invalid Provider Code (E306) Yes No
10818 Validation error 10818 Duplicate Casual Staff Estimates record Yes No
10819 Validation error 10819 Missing Work Classification Record Yes No