Validation error 10819

Missing Work Classification Record


A staff member has been reported as working only in the TAFE sector.

Error Logic

If the Work Sector Code (E511) is '2', then for the same combination of Provider Code (E306)/Reporting Year (E415)/Person Identification Code (E401), there should be another record where the Work Sector Code (E511) is '1'.

Error Resolution

Please check the Work Sector Code (E511). Records should not be reported for staff who are working only in the TAFE work sector (E511 = '2'). If the staff member is working in both the TAFE and higher education sectors, then another Work Classifications record will need to be reported to cover the staff member's work in higher education (E511 = '1').


ITSP Error Code: 10819
HEP: Yes
PIR: Yes
Rule type: Warning
Related elements:
Element Name: Work sector code
Packet: Full-time staff packet 2022
Full-time staff packet 2023
Work classifications packet 2022
Work classifications packet 2023