Validation error 10608

Deletion of OS-HELP Loan record (UID21) not permitted


Attempt to delete an OS-HELP Asia study loan that is linked to an OS-HELP language loan.

Error Logic

If an OS-HELP Loan record (Loan A) has a Student Status Code (E490) of '241' andLoan A is linked to an OS-HELP Loan record (Loan L) with Student Status Code(E490) of '242' and a Loan Status (A130) of 'ACCTRANS' or 'COMMITTED', then Loan A must not be deleted.

A link between Loan A and Loan L is identified by the Language Study Commencement Date (E583) for Loan A (E490 = '241') being equal to the OS-HELP Study Period Commencement Date (E521) for Loan L (E490 = '242').

Error Resolution

Please check the OS-HELP Loan records (UID21) for the Student (UID8). If the student has an OS-HELP language loan (E490 is '242') that has been reported to the ATO (A130 is 'ACCTRANS' or 'COMMITTED'), then it is not possible to delete the OS-HELP Asia study loan (E490 is '241') that is linked to the OS-HELP language loan. All OS-HELP language loans must remain linked to an active OS-HELP Asia study loan. If both loans need to be deleted, then the OS-HELP language loan will need to be deleted first.


ITSP Error Code: 10608
HEP: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name:
Packet: OS-HELP loan packet 2022