Validation error 10288

Unusual EFTSL (E339)/ Course of Study Load (E350) / Course Outcome Date (E592)


A Course Outcome Date (E592) has been reported for a Course Admission where the total EFTSL (E339) completed is less than 75 per cent of the Course of Study Load (E350).

Error Logic

If, for a given Course Admission record (UID15), there are no linked active Course Prior Credit records (UID32) and the Course Assurance Indicator (E619) for all linked unit enrolments is 'false' and the course outcome date (E592) is is not blank (null), then the sum of EFTSL (E339) for all active linked Unit Enrolment records with a Unit of Study Status Code (E355) of '3' should be greater than or equal to 75 per cent of the Course of Study Load (E350) for the linked course (UID5).

Error Resolution

Please check the Course Outcome Date (E592) for the Course Admission (UID15), the Course of Study Load (E350) for the Course (UID5) and the EFTSL (E339) for linked Unit Enrolment records (UID16) that have been successfully completed. A student would not typically complete a course having completed Unit Enrolments totalling less than 0.75 of the Course of Study Load (E350), unless the course was undertaken as part of an activated course assurance arrangement or the student received credit towards the course.


ITSP Error Code: 10288
VET: Yes
Rule type: Warning
Related elements:
Element Name: Equivalent Full–time student load
Packet: Unit enrolment packet (VET) 2022
Course admission packet (VET) 2022
Course packet (VET) 2022
Course prior credit packet (VET) 2022