Validation error 10082

Course Resource Key (UID5) is concorded


Attempted use of a Course Resource Key (UID5) that has been concorded.

Error Logic

If the Course Resource Key (UID5) is not blank (null) and the Course Resource Key (UID5) exists in the Courses table, then the Course Resource Key (UID5) must not have been concorded in the Courses table.

Error Resolution

Please check the Course Resource Key (UID5) for the course. It is not possible to link data to a course that has been concorded.


ITSP Error Code: 10082
HEP: Yes
VET: Yes
Rule type: Fatal
Related elements:
Element Name:
Packet: Course on campus packet 2022
Course admission packet 2022
Course admission packet (VET) 2022
Exit awards packet 2022
Aggregated awards packet 2022