VET Student Loans 2022

Overview of reporting requirements

All VET Student Loan (VSL) providers (‘providers’) that are approved under the VET Student Loans Act 2016 are required to report data for the VSL Data Collections. This document sets out the reporting requirements for VSL Data Collections for the 2022 reporting year, for implementation through the Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI).

All data is reported in data packets, as described in this document. Each packet comprises data elements. Detailed specifications for each data element are available by searching this website.

Some data packets include ‘extensions’, which enable providers to report more than one value for a data element or a group of data elements. These groups may be time-based and allow the reporting of changes in the characteristic of a course, student, etc. through time.

Reporting method

All data can be reported through:

  • an application programming interface (API) from each provider's student management system to the Government or
  • TCSI Data Entry.

Providers can report new and revised data as soon as the data is available. The system can receive information about past events and some events that are planned to occur (e.g. the establishment of a course in the following year).

Event based reporting

Event based reporting is required for packets that are critical to understanding study behaviour that may have an impact on entitlements, claims processes and payment accuracy.

While early reporting is encouraged, reporting more than six months in advance of a census date is optional for Unit Enrolments and any linked packets.


All corrections and updates to data that have already been reported must be made:

  • before the initial reporting deadline, or
  • within 7 days of the information needed to make the correction or update becoming available,

whichever date is later.

Payment assessment

VSL providers must submit student liability data for all census days that have occurred in each month by the 7th of the following month. Payment for all eligible assessed data is then made on the 24th of the month of assessment in which data is submitted or the first working day thereafter. Information about those activities is available at Information for VET Student Loans - Approved Providers.

Compliance with due dates

Late reporting may result in a breach of the VET Student Loans Act 2016 and can affect payments. It is important that providers allocate enough time to prepare, validate and submit data before the applicable deadline.

2022 Secretary's Notice

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2022 TCSI Change control document

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