Basis for admission packet (VET) 2021

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The basis for admission packet is used to report a second basis for admission code (E327) for the student's admission into a course. The first basis for admission code (E327) for a course is created as part of the course admission packet.


Providers are required to report a basis for admission packet only when the student has more than one basis of admission into a course.

Structure and reporting requirement

Element Name Reporting requirement Deadline
E327 Basis for admission code Optional Within 14 days of the first census date linked to the course admission


Each basis for admission packet must have a value for basis for admission code (E327) that is unique for the student's course admission.

Revising data

Providers can revise any data submitted in a basis for admission packet.

TCSI Data Entry file upload

Bases for admission are updated on the Course admission file available for download on the course admissions group page.