Citizenship packet (PIR) 2023

Version Details


The PIR citizenship packet is used to report citizenship and residency information and changes through time to the citizen resident code (E358) for a student. A provider may create as many additional PIR citizenship packets as necessary to report changes to a student’s citizenship or residency status through time.


Providers are required to report a PIR citizenship packet for each student record. Additional PIR citizenship packets will need to be reported when a student notifies the provider that there has been a change to their citizenship or residency status.

Reporting deadlines

Before the first unit enrolment is linked to the student’s course admission record. Changes to E358 notified to the provider in 2023 are due to be reported by 13 September 2024.

Initial reporting requirements

ElementRequired reporting
E358: Citizen resident codeRequired if reporting a new citizen resident code for the student
E609: Citizenship effective from dateRequired if reporting a new citizen resident code for the student


Each PIR citizenship packet must have a value for citizenship effective from date (E609) that is unique for the student.