Course packet (PIR) 2023

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The PIR course packet is used to report data on the courses offered by each provider. Each PIR course packet must be linked to an established PIR course of study packet. The data collected through a PIR course packet may be referenced by one or more:


Providers are required to report a PIR course packet for each course they delivered or in which they completed one or more students.

Reporting deadlines

Before the first course admission or course on campus is linked to the course.

Initial reporting requirements

ElementRequired reporting
UID3: Course of study resource key or

E533: Course of study code
Required for all in-scope courses
E609: Course effective from dateRequired for all in-scope courses
E307: Course codeRequired for all in-scope courses
E596: Standard course durationRequired for all in-scope courses
E308: Course nameRequired for all in-scope courses
E610: Course effective to dateOptional
Extension: course fields of education 
E461: Field of education codeRequired for all in-scope courses
E462: Field of education supplementary codeRequired for all in-scope courses


Each PIR course packet must have a value for E307 (course code) that is unique to the provider.